Pranks Against Teammates- I Am Declaring War

My teammates have been prancing me like crazy so I am going to enact some revenge. They don’t know I blog so they don’t know my plans.

1. Sock tape- I have a few teammates who leave their stuff unattended  for long periods of time. I have three cases of sock tape so I can do this. Their stuff will be covered in sock tape.

2. Elastic ties- I will use elastic ties to tie several bags together. A little annoying.

3. Fabreeze  it… I have a few teammates who have not washed their sweaters since the start if season. Their bags clear the locker room and their sweat has been marinating their equipment. They claim it is for good luck but everyone else pays for it. It is getting to the point of haz mat is needed. A nice floral fabreeze should do the trickids against their macho selves.

If anyone  has any ideas, please help me nail them.

Hockey With Medical Issues That I Deal With

I play hockey but a thyroid tumor nearly destroyed my ability to play hockey. I had a mass on my neck that was compressing my wind pipe.  I had to have surgery and it took me off the ice for six months.

Getting back into hockey shape was tough because I did not have the energy like I used to do since the thyroid controls energy levels. That is where I took up cross fit, a tough work out that is treated is a sport. I had to start slowly.

What I do to keep making sure I can stay on the ice is take my freaking thyroid pills with multivitamin. I also follow the paleo diet because it helps to give me the energy. I also, because my thyroid pills also make up my metabolism, it keeps my weight regulated.

What’s Been Going On

Sorry  I have not posted in a long time. I had a family crisis of my grandmother being on death’s door step and have been living at the hospital for the past month.

Secondly, I have been off the ice to spend more time with my grandmother who is super sick. I have no regrets into it because I want to see her through it no matter what the outcome is.

Last, I had been feeling like crap and thought it was my hypothyroidism  kicking up again. I was wrong, it is a condition called paresthesia which cause numbness on the body. I am being fully worked up for everything because paresthesia is a symptom of several diseases like hypoparathyroidism,  diabetes,  MS, Lupus, and more. Either way, I will be getting back on the ice.

My Rant Against Ice Girls

Ice girls, or the NHL equivalent of cheerleaders. The ice girls only serve as eye candy to the men and are gloried puck bunnies.  They are meant to get the attention of male fans and draw attention from the hockey players themselves.

Girls are aspiring to be ice girls getting to skate around their skanky looking outfit to get man’s approval in gaining support of the team. The early days of the NHL never had the ice girls either.

This gives a hard time to the girl who loves to play the game because where they see girls in hockey, they expect a bunny and not a hockey player.

Down with the ice girls because the real girls of hockey will take you down.